Tucker Murphy™ Pet

Mynatt Cot Bed Tucker Murphy™ Pet

Elevated Cat Hammocks Cat Beds Wooden Frame Hanging Cat Cave Pet Furniture Sleep. Your cat's favorite place to sleep - this cat bed is made of high quality materials, comfortable and durable cloth. Our heavy-duty cat hammock with stand is designed with your cat in mind. With a slight curve to its bed its great for your cat and their spine. The wooden frame is strong, don't worry about falling. Our hammocks leave the ground, allowing air circulation, good air permeability of cloth, keeping pets cool and comfortable, healthier than sleeping directly on the ground. Small Dogs, kittens, cats, and any other small pets you may have will love their new bed. Holds comfortably up to 20 - 30 lbs. Our hammock bracket installation is very simple, with high quality wood, environmental protection and durability, protect the health of small animals. Easy to disassemble, for pets can be placed indoors, can also be used indoors. Tucker Murphy™ Pet