Tucker Murphy Pet

King Canopy Anchor Kit Hardware Tucker Murphy Pet Set Of: 8 Anchors

Ease the setting up procedure of your canopy with this simple 8 Piece Screw. This canopy accessory is designed to help you set up your canopy with great efficiency in no time. This piece screw set includes 8 frames of piece screws. The 8 Piece Screw is made from premium quality material, which makes it sturdy as well as long-lasting. It has a bold black finish that can match just about any canopy's color palette. The powder coated finish of the piece screw set lends it with an overall appeal while protecting it from different elements. You would require a rope, in order to efficiently use this piece screw set. Being weather resistant, this piece crew set is ideal for outdoor use and it can retain its original look for a long time. This piece crew set requires some assembly while being installed and it comes along with a simple to understand instruction manual that can help you use it to set up your canopy. It can be wiped with a damp cloth from time to time to maintain its appeal. As this piece screw set is rust resistant, it is easy to maintain and preserve its look. Tucker Murphy Pet Set Of: 8 Anchors