Tucker Murphy Pet

Hettinger Travel Bird Cage with Handle Perch Tucker Murphy Pet Color: White

This wrought iron bird cage for travel and emergencies has a lightweight design that makes it easy to transport while keeping your feathered friend safe and comfortable. Constructed of heavy-duty wrought iron, this travel bird cage is tough enough to withstand biting and pecking while at the same time being highly resistant to rust and bacterial buildup. This Travel Bird Cage with Handle Perch includes a bottom tray for easy cleaning, 2 large food bowls, and a perch, all built from the same durable stainless steel material. With a handle on top for easy transport that doubles as a perch, you’ll always be able to bring your fine feathered friend with you wherever you go while giving them the opportunity to stretch their wings. The portable bird cage comes ready to put together and requires only light assembly. Tucker Murphy Pet Color: White