Tucker Murphy Pet

69" Byerly Sturdy Cat Tree or Condo Tucker Murphy Pet Color: Light Gray

The inventors of this new brand have an extraordinary relationship with cats two small, orphaned kittens, lovingly nursed back to health by one of the company's employees, gave rise to the idea of developing animal-friendly furniture. With this heart-warming story in mind, the designers created comfortable, functional and stylish pet furniture like the scratching tree shown above. Climbing tree with numerous particular features to meet the unique requirements of all cats, Cat tree has some unique features. First, stability has been improved. Additional wood strips strengthen the base plate, The sisal poles have an extra-large diameter of 3.4", and the anti-toppling devices provide for better stability. Next, the cat tree also offers plenty of space for several large or bulky cats. They can romp around in the cozy cave, on the hammock or even the upholstered viewing platform before going to enjoy their favorite meal from the integrated feeding bowl up top. Tucker Murphy Pet Color: Light Gray