Tucker Murphy Pet

2" Staab Feeder Handcrafted Elevated Cat Perch Tucker Murphy Pet Color: Natural

Not only can you add the Feeder onto any other item or use as a standalone feeding station, but you can also allow your cat to give into their hunting instincts. When your cat navigates the furniture to get to their food, they are "foraging" for food as a wild cat does. Tip: If your cat hasn't explored a particular section of furniture yet, try adding a Feeder! Wall-mounted cat furniture can help resolve behavioral and territorial issues in homes with multiple cats by giving them vertical space. This new generation of our wall hammocks is the strongest, most versatile collection we've ever created. It utilizes bamboo, which is more sustainable and stronger than other wood. Our modular design allows for truly limitless options, allowing you to start off small and build on overtime. All of our furniture is cat tested and approved. Tucker Murphy Pet Color: Natural