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TRIXIE Belorado Adjustable Plush Cat Tree (Belorado Adjustable Cat Tree)

TRIXIE Belorado Adjustable Plush Cat Tree (Belorado Adjustable Cat Tree). This floor-to-ceiling playground ranges in height from 97 to 110 inches and can be secured to the ceiling using our spring-activated ceiling attachment. This piece of cat furniture offers a multiple platforms, two houses, hammock, tunnels and more. Brand: TRIXIE Pet Products Model: 44681 Color: Beige/ brown Materials: Sisal, plush, MDF Dimensions: 27.5 inches wide x 23.5 inches deep x 97-110 inches high Weight: 92 pounds Adjustable height: 96 to 110 inches Number and size of access points: Bed (17 inches in diameter); hammock with metal frame (16 inches in diameter); two (2) condos (11 inches x 11 inches x 12 inches/ 20 inches x 16 inches x 11 inches); three (3) padded platforms (16 inches x 13 inches/ 15 inches x 12 inches/ 15 inches x 15 inches); platform with opening (28 inches x 24 inches); slide tunnel (9 inches x 9 inches x 28 inches); play tunnel (9 inches x 9 inches x 10 inches) Accessories: Ceiling attachment, natural sisal scratching posts (4.5 inches in diameter), padded base plate, two (2) condos lined with plush, tunnels lined with plush, rope, dangling pom-pom toys inside condo Cleaning instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth All hardware included Assembly required.