Tresor Collection - Multicolor Fin Long Necklace In 18K Rose Gold

Tresor Beautiful Necklace feature 1.94 total carats of Multicolored Gemstones. The necklace is an ode to the luxurious yet classic beauty with sparkly gemstones and feminine hues. Its contemporary and modern design make it perfect and versatile to be worn at any occasion. Get yours now. Always store your jewelry in the Tresor box which it came in. And keep it in the Tresor Jewelry Pouch while travelling. To keep your jewelry shining longer, remember to not wear jewelry while Sleep Shower Spray Swim Sweat Water erodes jewelry metals fast, and can make your gemstones dull. Remember to not wear jewelry when you are expecting to be in contact with water. Don't wear your jewelry while showering, or exercising, or swimming, and avoid prolonged exposure to rain. Perfume chemicals can also be harmful for your jewelry. Remember to always wear your jewelry last, and at least 15 minutes after putting on your perfume. Remember to send in your jewelry for a clean up to a trusted jewelry store annually.