Tree Treasures Canada

Driftwood Santa Claus Christmas Ornament

This driftwood Santa Claus Christmas ornament is hand painted on a 5" (12.7 cm) long piece of driftwood. This blue eyed Santa wears a "Santa Suit". That is, his suit is red and his hat has "fur" trim. His belt is black with a gold buckle. This ornament does not come gift boxed. Most driftwood is the remains of trees that have made their way into the ocean due to flooding, winds and other natural occurrences or as the result of logging. Erosion and wave action make it difficult or impossible to determine the source of any piece of driftwood. The origin of this piece of driftwood may be unknown. However, whatever and wherever the source, it came to rest on the shore of Gartley Point, just south of Courtenay, British Columbia. It was there that this piece of driftwood was chosen to begin a new life as a Santa Claus ornament.