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Flavors of Portugal Tania Gomes Author

Ever since Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan sailed the seas in search of the legendary Spice Islands, Portuguese families have enjoyed delicious, simple fare deeply infused with tradition and history. Inspired by the author’s mother’s cooking, this unique cookbook is filled with the memories, stories, traditions and heritage of Portuguese cooking. Flavors of Portugal features favorite family dishes like Feijoiada à Portuguesa (Portuguese Bean Stew). Recipes are simple and easy to prepare, and include an explanation of unusual ingredients such as toucinho (similar to streaky bacon) and morcela (a type of blood sausage). From earthy soups and starters to robust main meals and authentic desserts, you’ll discover a cuisine full of life and flavor, marked by hundreds of years of Portugal’s global exploration. * This beautifully-designed cookbook is written in both English and Portuguese, and features photographs and images of life in Portugal now and in the past. Perfect for adventurous home cooks, Flavors of Portugal is a fresh departure from the usual Mediterranean fare. Gather around the dinner table with these recipes and enjoy the hearty cries of Obrigado! (Thank you!)