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Chestnut Run Large Cheese Board and Platter Three Posts Color: Cherry

As a host or hostess, would you like to be able to serve family and friends and join them at the table at the same time? The manufacturer creates an elegant yet practical setting for serving family and friends at the table. Serve and cut hot pizza and bread on this board right from the oven or stovetop. When serving hot baked dishes, pans, bowls and soup pots, this board lifts them safely above the tabletop. It eliminates the need for a separate serving tables and all those cutting boards, trivets, hot plates etc. which clutter up the table when serving and cutting hot or cold food. When the gathering is over, wipe this board with a damp cloth to clean and then display this board as a beautiful centerpiece. So go ahead and begin to enjoy a new style of eating and sharing with family and friends, we know you will love it! Three Posts Color: Cherry