Thompson and Elm

Thompson & Elm M. Bagwell Colors Collection Ceramic Serving Bowl, 11.5-Inches in Diameter, Green

Designed with every season in mind, m. Bagwell's colors collection is as versatile as it is fun. With base shades of black, red and lime green and cream accent colors, you can paint any everyday or seasonal occasion festive when you mix & match the bold and adaptable patterns of dinnerware from Mandy Bagwell. With m. Bagwell, the possibilities are endless and so will be the compliments on your creativity and style! awareness that shoppers want fresh, exclusive pieces and decor items to make their homes especially personable and distinctive drives Thompson & elm international to stay on top of relevant fashions and fads making them a superior company to rely on for all everyday and seasonal decorating needs. When browsing for that exclusive and select piece that will catch everyone's attention, search for items from Thompson & elm international. See for yourself. Thompson & elm, creativity featured daily.