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Reference CookBook on 29 Healthy Fish Recipes - Perfect for a nice relaxing family meal.... FYI Author

Product DescriptionDiscover a delicious range of tasty fish recipes that are easy to make and quick to cook!Perfect for a nice relaxing family meal or a way of showing off your cooking skills at a party! Enjoy a romantic sit-down meal with a loved one or just a special treat for yourself. All the recipes explain everything you need to cook each dish.Table of Contents Any Fish 2 Any Fish Fish Steamed over Vegetables and Fresh Herbs Baked Fish with Creole Sauce Cod and Haddock Oven Fish 'N Chips Flounder, Sole and Other White Fish Oven-Fried Fish Pan-Roasted Flounder Fillets with Fresh Lemon Sole Almandine Steamed Sole and Vegetables Baked Herb Fish Baked Whitefish Filets Mackerel Tomato Mackerel Salad Orange Roughy Red SnapperSalmon Baked Dijon Salmon Mediterranean Salmon Dilled Salmon DinnerBaked Dill Salmon Barbecue Salmon Filets Baked Salmon with Black Olives Barley Salmon Alfredo Citrus Salmon Tuna Lemon Pepper Tuna Sandwich Tuscan Tuna and Grilled Vegetables Low-Fat Grilled Tuna Tuna-Ranch Macaroni Salad Pacific Albacore with Linguine and Vegetables Garden Tuna Salad