The Modern Haberdashery

Classic rustic Christmas rag wreath for the holiday home 6 inch round with wide tartan plaid Ribbon

Handmade fabric rag wreath. This decorative, unique wreath is made from high quality designer fabric. The fabric is hand cut by me, resulting in hundreds of strips of tattered rags. I use a variety of methods to trim the fabric down into 'rags', including cutting with pinking shears and ripping. The more textured and tattered the wreath, the better. The rags are then carefully arranged along the wreath frame. The result is a primitive style wreath to hang on the wall, over a window or door. Add an element of rustic charm to your home. Size: 6 inch Colors: red, green, white, black Print: tartan plaid fabric Tie: wide tartan plaid ribbon tie; 9 inch drop The wreath in the picture, is the wreath you will be receiving, if purchased. The production time for wreaths is listed as 1-2 days in order to accommodate weekend purchases and to prepare the wreath for shipment.