The Holiday Aisle®

Pumpkin Tin Pot Place Card Holder The Holiday Aisle®

Contemporary design for traditional Fall harvest décor. This pack of 8 beaded mini heirloom pumpkins in Cream will bring a chic and festive look to any tabletop and Autumn display. Arrange these pumpkins on a table in your entryway with other Fall items and baskets to welcome your guests. Painted a soft creamy whitewashed color, they will go with any décor from modern to rustic. Add these faux pumpkins to cornucopias, add in with other fruit and veggies in a bowl for centerpieces or even add to wreaths and garlands. Their dense foam construction makes them lightweight and easy to display. Destined for vases, bowls, table scatters and floral arrangements, our beaded pumpkins will help complete your indoor decor. The Holiday Aisle®