The Holiday Aisle

Pumpkin Steel Marquee Light The Holiday Aisle

Who needs a pumpkin patch when you've got a sparkly one at home? This holiday favorite has been taken to a whole new level with a twinkle of 23 bulbs. Who says Christmas gets to have all of the fun? In rust, this vintage style lit pumpkin is made from handmade, pre-rusted American steel. Each piece is sprayed with a water solution and placed outside to create it own unique rusted patina. In white, the pumpkin is also made from American steel that is coated in powder-coat. Both can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be used in a multitude of settings from the front yard to a living room to an entry area. Comes with bulbs already installed and fully assembled. Ready for you to plug in and place on a desk or hang on the wall. The Holiday Aisle