The Holiday Aisle

Felt Ball Pom Pom Classic Garland The Holiday Aisle Size: 5' L

This colorful touching garland could be just what you're looking for to add some whimsy and some color to your home! The best part is it's natural and totally reusable! Each ball is made of 100% sheep's wool (1-inch diameter- about the size of a quarter) and strung on a soft white cotton cord. Each end is finished with a small loop to make it easy to hang from a nail or hook. Or you can simply hang it by the string in the middle of it! This string of garland is fully filled with felt balls, therefore, the balls are stationary on the string. There is an extra inch to an inch and a half of string to move the balls so you can easily drape from the middle of the garland. Perfect to hang from your mantle, signage, window, mirror or where ever you looking to add a little whimsy too! The Holiday Aisle Size: 5' L