The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff Sulfate Free and Vegan Shampoo and Frizz Control Leave-In No-Rinse Conditioner Kit, For Dry and Frizzy Hair, 7.7 oz and 3.2 oz

This unique bundle pack contains our sulfate-free Gentle Shampoo and no rinse Frizz Control Oil leave in conditioner. Our purifying and clarifying sulfate-free shampoo, good for all hair types, gently cleans hair of residue leaving it soft and shiny Leave-in hair care means more time for self-care. Save up to 7 minutes a month by skipping the in shower conditioner and benefit from all the actives in our leave-in, no rinse conditioner. This lightweight blend of micro-silicones asborb fast and protect against damage while smoothing frizz. Works best for dry, frizzy, and/or curly hair, leaving it silky smooth (nevery sticky), shiny, and protected from daily damage. The Good Stuff Gentle Shampoo and Frizz Control Oil are both Vegan, Paraben-free, Dye-free, and come in 100% recycled and recylable bottles.