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The Good Stuff Shampoo Gentle Sulfate Free, 7.7 oz

Get your hair ready for the good stuff with our sulfate-free shampoo. This gentle shampoo sets your hair up for the good stuff in your no-rinse conditioner. Our conditioners are just too good to rinse off, packed with active goodness to take care of your hair. It's a win-win: No-rinse means keeping the good stuff working in your locks all day, while saving water, which is good for the planet. How to use our gentle sulfate-free shampoo? You know how this goes, lather up and rinse out. Then towel-dry your hair and work in the no-rinse conditioner that's best for you. Next choose your no-rinse conditioner. Try one of the following no-rinse conditioners in our range: (1) Good for damaged hair: Bring your locks back to life with our Complete Repair Balm; (2) Good for dry hair: Lock in moisture with our Intensive Nourishment Cream (3) Good for colored hair: Keep your color popping with our Color Protect Milk; (4) Good for fine hair: Lift your hair with our Volumizing Hydration Foam; (5) Good for normal hair: Add lightweight moisture with our Weightless Protection Mist. (6) Good for frizz: Keep each strand in check with our Frizz Control Oil. We have a whole range of no-rinse conditioners to help with your other hair needs and concerns. Each ingredient we use has an important role to play. Find out more at