The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff Complete Repair Balm No-rinse Conditioner - 6.7 fl oz

Get your hair ready with our No-Rinse Complete Repair Balm Conditioner for Damaged Hair. Supporting and protecting hair every time you use it, the fast-absorbing formula of this strengthening conditioner leaves your hair soft, shiny, and ready for anything. "No rinse" means the good stuff keeps working in your locks all day, so all the active goodness we pack into our hair care products doesn't just get washed down the drain. In Complete Repair Balm, you'll find plant-based detanglers that loosen tangles and smooth hair, lightweight micro-silicones that help strengthen hair and shield it from daily damage, and glycerin to keep hair soft and silky. For best results, use our sulfate-free shampoo first. Skip the rinse-off conditioner and finish your shower. Towel-dry your hair, then start with a quarter-sized amount of Complete Repair Balm, spreading it on your hands and working it through your hair, avoiding your roots. Dry and style your hair as you typically do. You wouldn't rinse off your moisturizer, so why rinse off your conditioner? Packed with highly potent, active ingredients, our no-rinse conditioners are tailored to give your hair exactly what it needs. Paraben-free and dye-free, our vegan hair products are packaged in 100percent recycled and recyclable packaging - The Good Stuff is good for you and good for the planet.