The Enchanted Wool

Needle Felt Purple Witch For Halloween Or Nursery Decor, Handmade Artisan Fantasy Figurine Art Doll

A needle felt art doll witch for Halloween. This needle felt witch is wearing a purple dress, green tights, and brown boots. She has purple curvy hair and the mandatory pointy black hat, and long black cloak on. In children's books the witch is almost always the bad one - but in my favorite fantasy books, they are good and wise women. I've always loved witches. For me, they represent strong independent women, who can wield powers to shape their world. A witch is a great role model - whether it's for a young girl or a mature woman. Get this handcrafted wool witch for Haloween, or as a gift to a girl or woman, to remind them of their power. * Size: This witch is about 26.5 cm/10.4" inch high from the top of her pointy hat to the end of her cloak. * Colors: Light blue, yellow, white, black. * Materials: Wool, pipe cleaners, string, and beads. * Bendable arms. This item is made to order and since everything is handmade it might be slightly different from the one on the photo.