The Elizabeth Lucas Company LC

Starfish Pillow Print

A New vintage mixed media pillow printed on canvas and with a second print on cheese cloth layered , handwrapped and sewn with burlap back 90/10 24 sq rectangle oversize down infil Box Edge trim with Burlap. The Elizabeth Lucas Company is a fresh, new art company that creates fine limited-edition art, furniture, and soft goods. Our products are all handmade in the USA, and produced in an array of fabrics, recycled & natural materials. Our goal is to provide a unique product that is easy to sell in your store or to place in your next residential or commercial project.We make accent pillows and floor pillows. They are created in much the same way as our multi-layer prints: 2 separate images individually printed and hand-sewn together to make the pillow front. You'll find depictions of animals, insects and sea life. All our pillows use down infill backed in canvas, linen, or burlap. Finally, the pillows are finished with our signature trim.