The Elixir Eco Green

Premium Ott-chil Finished Non-Toxic Natural Jujube Wood Utensil Wooden Spatula, 11.25 inch

GREEN & ECO-FRIEND 100% NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL: The spoon is made from 100% natural jujube wood, hard thermostable, corrosion-resistant and durable. Wooden eco-friend spoon is beneficial to physical health, won't scratch and damage the pans of layer surface. You can safely use it!ERGONOMIC, DURABLE AND ELEGENT: Made of Solid Piece of Jujube Wood. Thick, long and durable handle will not blend or break easily and can stir and mix even rich food with ease!NON-TOXIC ALTERNATIVE: natural Ott-chil finish and feel good about cooking with jujube wood as it does not leach toxic chemicals into your food while cooking like the plastic alternatives doWIDELY USE – Durable and will not be deformation. Can be used in restaurants, food shops, catering halls, etc. Suitable for cooking, mixing, stirring, frying / SIZE: 11.25 x 2.75 inchesOtt-chil is a type of Korean lacquer technique that is done by adding the secretions of the “Ott” tree, released as a protective response to wounds. Collecting this from the ott-tree is an intricate and difficult process that can be done only by experts. The lacquer produces incredibly durable finishes in most of the materials. It offers antibacterial effect and its color is very elegant. This is why it has long been treated as the very best material for tableware in Korea.