The Dreamy Bohemian

Bohemian Wallhanging, Feather Wall Decor, Branch Decor, Stick Art, Fiber Art, Rustic Design, Hippie Style, Boho Decor, Nursery Decor, Backdrop, Tapestry, Maroon

Dimension Options: 20" Width, 36" Length 40" Width, 56" Length (Pictured in Photos) The Asteria Wall Hanging has all the elements needed to create a gorgeous center piece for your home. This large tapestry style wall hanging has a warm color pallet using colors that contrast while also blending seamlessly. The materials used in the hangings are a variety of yarns, white lace and textured cotton. The yarn colors include cream, golden tan, and maroon. The hangings are tightly secured to a large branch, and are placed in a color sequence that accent each other. Each side of the branch has a variety of neutral flower-like accents to coordinate with the colors of the hangings. Wall hanging meets dreamcatcher with the abundance of feathers flowing down on each side of the cascade hangings. The fluffy cream feathers accented by brown wood beads coordinate with the deep maroon colored hangings, drawing your attention from top to bottom of the entire wall hanging. Made with love, positive energy, and good vibes. It can also be made custom just for you! Please feel free to reach out to me for requests, and I will be happy to discuss the creation that we can put together! Each Dreamcatcher is made to order and are all one of a kind. We put our best effort into replicating them down to the exact detail shown in the photos, however please note that the materials included in the Dreamcatcher may differ slightly due to the availability of our supplies, computer screen coloring, and the rarity of any vintage fabrics.