The Burlap Lodge

Burlap Bridal Bouquet in Wine, Natural, & Ivory 29 Flower Bouquet 12'' - 1 bouquet per quantity - choose specific size at checkout. Wine Bouquets, Rustic Bouquets, Burlap Wedding Bouquets

Burlap is now a widely popular material because of its eco-friendliness. It's perfect for weddings in many different settings - from Rustic, Barn, Outdoor, to Shabby Chic setting - these alternative bouquets can be a perfect fit for your upcoming celebration!Each flower is crafted by me from hand. I use high quality treated burlap ONLY! It's not the same stuff you might find locally. Why is this important? The weave is much tighter which makes for a more prominent flower that will also never be prone to unraveling!The baby's breath I use is 100% naturally preserved! In addition, my entire bouquet is made from eco-friendly materials for green enthusiasts! Even the wired stems are made from recycled brown paper.Have no fear in ordering early! These bouquets are made to last as long as they are stored safely!BOUQUET SIZES ---- In width. Please remember your bouquet is circular so circumference will vary. Each bouquet will have a different "fullness" as well based on its size - which just means more flowers & more filler. All bouquets maintain a dome/half circle shape - which will be more prominent in larger sizes.Bridesmaids SizesMini 5 Flower 5.5''Small 7 Flower 7''Regular 10 Flower 7.5''Large 14 Flower 8''Bridal Bouquet Sizes14 Flower Small 8'' WIDEFlower Regular 9'' WIDEFlower Medium 10'' WIDE29 Flower Large 11-12'' WIDEBoutonnieres :$11Corsages $20