The Bio Flame

The Bio Flame Static Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace

The Bio Flame Static is a perfect free standing fireplace for any modern home. It features clean, minimalist design and beautiful eco-friendly flames. Make it a center piece in your living room, create ambiance in your bedroom, or add some glow to your patio. This beautiful fireplace can be placed wherever you desire and moved to a new place whenever you want.FEATURES:Stainless Steel ConstructionBrushed Stainless Steel Internal Framing10mm Tempered Glass On Both Sides13" BurnerStands on any level surfaceCan be used in- or outdoorsVentless, needs no chimney, no gas or electric hook upBurns eco-friendly Bio-ethanol liquid fuel made specifically for fireplaces. Never substitute another fuelOdorless, smokeless, no ash, non-toxic, non-pollutingHeats on average 430 sq.ft.Measurements: H 28.3" (720mm) W 47.2" (1200mm) D 17.3" (440mm)3-year manufacturer's warrantyComes with Lighting Rod, Lighter, and Funnel: DOWNLOADS:Recommended Fuel:Buy SMARTFUEL 6 or 12 Liter Pack