Ten Cloudy - Hampstead Mini Bag-Chocolate Brown/Medium Blue

Stylish perfume box-like, indispensable small structured crossbody bag for your essential everyday accessories: a phone, keys, cardholders, lipstick and other little things. You can take this bag with you for travelling, or bring it along for weekend stroll around a park or a local market. Elegant turn-lock, embossed leather and suede, a three-dimensional cotton strap which can be tied into creative knots to show off this bag for special evening occasions too. Features: the bag is made with combination of quality Italian embossed suede/leather and 100% vegetable-tanned leather. Features: tiny turning lock, removable woven 100% cotton strap, leather-lined flap. It is fully fabric lined and has nickel-plated zamak component finish. A vegetable tanned leather bag can last a lifetime, reflecting the character of its owner as it ages. Due to its organic ageing features, vegetable-tanned leathers acquire a beautiful and unique patina with age, and the colour darkens over time. Occasionally, some subtle natural markings and colour transition can be seen. The care guidelines provided with the bag should be followed. How to store: keep your bag in a cool, dry place. It is advisable to store our bags in specially-provided dust bags. Leather bags are prone to uneven decolourisation, and cracks might appear if the item is kept in bright sunlight for prolonged periods. How to clean: Clean your bag with a damp cloth without any soap or chemicals. Any fresh stains and spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible. Ink marks, fats and oil stains are usually not removable. Conditioning and scratches: To smooth out scratches, condition the leather, and revive its colour, please use special leather cream and conditioner. Apply product to cloth or wool rather than directly onto the leather. Extreme weather: try not to carry the bag in extreme weather. If the leather becomes too wet, it might affect the shape; dry the bag at room temperature and do not expose it to high heat. Suede: some parts of our bags are made from suede. Suede is a very delicate material. Please avoid carrying it over white and light-coloured articles of clothing, as slight staining might occur. Please keep suede away from direct sunlight and rain. If suede parts become wet, let them dry naturally at room temperature. Please use special suede protection sprays to water- and dirt-proof any suede elements. read more