Telescope Casual

Telescope Casual Leeward MGP Patio Dining Arm Chair With Sling Seating By - Textured Snow/Tangerine - 9416-41DA-01

Leeward MGP Patio Dining Arm Chair With Sling Seating By Telescope Casual - Textured Snow/Tangerine. 9416-41DA-01. Outdoor Kitchen Dining Chairs. Spruce up your patio or pool area and enjoy great times outdoors with the Leeward MGP Sling collection from Telescope Casual. Vinyl coated polyester sling material dries quickly, making this stylish patio furniture comfortable, durable and perfect for use around pools and beaches. The frame is made from a highly durable, weather-resistant, marine grade polymer (MGP) composed of recycled materials. The unique Telescope Casual MGP contains no fillers like foam or wood chips, and no unsightly extrusion lines either. No extrusion means no variations in the colors, as well. While some resins can be porous, allowing mold or mildew to grow inside tiny holes, the Telescope Casual MGP does not have any of these, making this furniture great for coastal areas. It does not absorb water and has a high resistance to cracking, rotting and mildew, making it an ideal material for outdoor furniture. Telescope Casual uses stainless steel hardware for added strength and durability.