Teknor Apex

Teknor-ApexCutting Board Sani-Tuff (Rubber) 12" X 18" X 1/2" Thick

The only "all rubber" cutting board in the market place!Unlike wood, it will not crack, chip, splinter, swell, absorb liquids, retain ordors or harbor bacteriaSani-Tuff rubber cutting board will last longer than any other cutting boardReversible and non-porous, non-toxicThis rubber cutting board can be resurfaced by sandingNSF certified and USDA approved Note from the manufacturer about dishwasher cleaning: because the material of this board is prone to warping (and therefore it's best to store the board horizontally), we don't recommend that you clean this board in the dishwasher, especially not during the drying cycle. Warping is not irreversible, though. If your board has warped, you can restore its straightness in either of two ways. The first is to wash the board in the dishwasher, remove before the drying cycle and, while still warm, place the board on a flat surface and weigh it down with something heavy. In the second method, place the board in your oven at 220F for less than 20 minutes and (like in the first method), flatten the board with a heavy object.