Tech Lighting

Tech Exo 6 inch 2-Light 3500K 30 Deg Matte White Pendant w/ Gold Haze Trim

The Exo Dual LED ceiling light from Tech Lighting yields the ultimate in minimalist form while secretly concealing two specification-grade, multifunction performance downlights within. Its high-performance output is harnessed by your choice of four field changeable optics ranging from a precise 20 Degree beam perfect for task-oriented applications such as kitchen island lighting, to a wide 60 Degree beam ideal for general illumination-minded applications such as hallway lighting, entry lighting or dining room lighting where it can be used in lieu of recessed downlights. Additional precision control is offered by way of integrated 0 Degree-30 Degree tool-free beam aiming. Finally, a truly customized look can be achieved with the Exo ceiling light by selecting from its white, black or gold haze recessed trim color options. Note: Image may not reflect actual item, refer to product description.