Tayse Rugs

Majesty Transitional Cream High Quality Rug, 6'7"x9'6"

- - Machine made rugs, also known as power-loom or machine woven rugs, are typically made using a Wilton Loom. These rugs can be made with any type of fiber and typically are used in high traffic areas. One of the benefits of a machine woven rug is they shed much less than a handmade rug due to the stronger weaving technique. These rugs are wonderful in high traffic areas, such a hallways, family rooms and entry ways.- It doesnt get simpler than this. A solid rug is often used in a busy room. The lack of a pattern makes this rug all about its colors. When no particular style will work in the space, a solid rug is often the best choice.- When purchasing a wool rug, one does so knowing they will have a premium product that will last well over 10 years. With proper maintenance and cleaning, wool rugs work very well in both high traffic areas and bedrooms. Very soft to touch and often very thick piles are key features for wool rugs. Wool rugs can be vacuumed.- A rug pad is recommended to prevent the rug from slipping on hardwood floors and tiles. A rug pad is also great to allow circulation of air underneath the rug, this greatly helps reduce moisture and mold from building up when the rug has been down for extended periods of time. This hand made rug will work best with a premium rug pad.