TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Ball, 32oz

The 32 oz TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Ball is a pliable, sand-filled ball that is squeezable and easy to handle. It is the approximate size of a softball and can be used for both throwing and hitting drills. These balls were designed to be used in close quarters or in environments where rebounding is not desired. These balls can be used as tools to improve arm strength and increase arm speed through the use of a weighted ball throwing program. It is an excellent tool for providing weighted resistance through the full range of motion used in throwing. They can be thrown against hard surfaces, padding, or net structures. The TAP Extreme Duty Weighted Ball can also be used for soft toss and tee hitting drills. The weight of the ball requires hitter's to drive through the ball. The pliable ball tends to 'wrap' around the bat, staying on the bat longer and absorbing much of the force of impact while reducing bat recoil. This 'wrapping' effect provides immediate feedback to the hitter about how well the ball was hit and requires the hitter to 'square up' the ball. These balls should be used with proper instruction and supervision in areas where there are no sharp edges or points.