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This painting is a unique original artwork that I will not be able to re-create. One and only! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Have you been searching for a unique piece of fluid art to decorate your home, business office, or bedroom? This is the perfect abstract painting for your space! This original work of art is made of acrylic fluid paint on canvas. Playful wall art to your home. By introducing color, texture, and shapes this painting is infused with depth. You'll love the way this abstract art looks in your space. This original one of a kind painting would make a wonderful birthday gift or housewarming present. Add color and vibrancy to your life with this unique home decor. Original Art and ONE OF A KIND! Ready to Hang Stretched and Signed! The frame is not included Features: ◾ Original Art ◾ Type: Abstract Painting, Nature Painting ◾ Medium: Acrylic fluid Paint on Canvas ◾ Size:24x28"/ 60x70cm "My abstract works are interpretations of my feelings for the world. It's about expression and movement. I often combine several mediums, including oil, acrylic and work on canvas or canvas. The paintings are constructed in an intuitive manner in the tradition of post-modern expressionism. I start first by introducing color, shapes and line, and respond to their development. The work pushes and pulls itself to completion. The paintings present as abstract shapes, lines and colors that suddenly comprise a recognizable figure or group of figures." Tamy Please feel free to ask any questions if needed. Thanks for visiting my shop!