TableTop King

Clear Sport Mug Glasses Fully Colored, 13 oz. Set of 6

These 13 oz. sports mugs should be a staple in any sports bar or restaurant. Its hefty construction makes it perfect for the sports-loving masses and beer-lovers alike. The thick bottomed design is great for durability and to help prevent spills and other messes. The sturdy handle is easy to grab and hold, meaning those prone to wandering will have a sure grip on their muf as they roam. Set includes 6 Sport Mug Glasses With 13 oz. Capacity. Crafted from lead-free glass for clarity, consistency and afforadability. Enviomentall frinedly - the absence of lead guarantees 100% recyclable products. Elegant and sophisticated look Classic silhouette shape with a beautiful colored crystal accent. Set of 6 glasses