Swissmar 00503 3 Piece Swissentials Deluxe Grilling Tools Set, Stainless Steel, 3Piece,

This Deluxe grilling set includes all the essential tools you need to grill delicious barbecue and look good while doing it. With a bold and distinctive design, each tool features ergonomic, extra-long handles, made of polished Stainless Steel. The chef's slotted spatula features a wide head for flipping steaks, fish and burgers. The scalloped heads on the tongs are angled to easily pick up large cuts of meat. The Stainless Steel fork has tines that pierce food without shredding it. These essential grilling tools are packed into an attractive, colored storage case to store everything away neatly. This 3-piece set is the essential grill set for the master griller.