Swiss Diamond

Swiss Diamond Spatula, Batter Spatula, Flexible Spatula

The Swiss Diamond batter spatula has a raised head to prevent the need for a spoon rest. This kitchen tool makes it simple to remove every drop of batter from the bowl, or lift left-overs in one piece. Scrape out the last spoonful of brownie batter to get every bite of your delicious chocolate treat with this flexible silicone spatula. Or slip it beneath a chicken cutlet to serve your family a meal of Chicken Marsala, using the scraper to collect and spoon sauce over the dish. It will not melt, because it is heat-resistant up to 480 degrees F (250 degrees C. The reinforced handle is ergonomic for comfort and proudly imprinted with the Swiss Diamond brand name. Swiss Diamond stands for high-quality kitchen tools you will love for many years.