Suzanne Medrano

36 Colorful Vinyl Die Cut 1 inch Crafting Flowers

I make 5 petal ragged edge flowers from designer vinyl samples. These are the perfect size for doll outfit accents, card making, jewelry, hat or hair ornaments, altered art, and collage or scrapbooks. My color selection is always changing. There are shiny, matte, and textured finishes. * About 1 inch, 2.54 cm round * 36 vinyl flowers * Sets are sold individually, and only one of each is available I sell these at craft fairs. Please order by photo number, and ask if you have any questions. I take them down as quick as I can, but if a set is unavailable, I will issue a refund with my sincere apologies. Recycling Works! These vinyl samples were diverted from landfill by FabMo, an ecologically minded nonprofit. Thickness, texture, and color of vinyl will vary. Flowers are backed with mesh, vinyl or fabric, depending on the type of vinyl. A few contain paper or glue from the display cards they were mounted on. The samples I find make limited batches of flowers; each a unique, one-of-a-kind collection. My exclusive die cut selections are available in fabric, vinyl, leather, wallpaper, card stock, paint samples, and interesting prints. Please see my shop for interesting die cut sets.