Surya Trenza TRZ-3002 Area Rug 4'x6'

The Surya Trenza TRZ-3002 Area Rug is offered by Incredible Rugs and Decor with a 30-day return policy and Free Shipping to customers residing within the Continental U.S. Made of 95% Cotton,5% Chenille, we are confident that you will find these Hand Woven Rugs to be an incredible addition to your home or office. Colors include Burnt Orange, Dark Brown, Dark Red, Tan. Pantone Colors include 16-1133, 18-1535, 19-1012, 19-1557.Please note: the colors shown in the product photograph may vary slightly from actual product. If color matching is critical, we suggest ordering a small rug size to sample in your home. Return shipping of a 2' X 3' rug is typically less than $20 through the US Post Office. Rug measurements are approximate and can vary by up to 4 inches. Most rug images shown are 5x8 in size. Patterns may vary by size and designs are usually more elaborate in larger sizes.Approximate Thickness: 1/8 inch.