Surya SBK9014 Seabrook Hand Woven 100% Wool Rug

Earthly elements fuse with trend worthy design to craft the strikingly radiant rugs found within the Seabrook collection for Surya. Hand woven in India in 100% wool, space dyed yarn and glamorous geometric prints work in unison effortlessly embodying a sense of sweet sophistication from room to room within any home decor. Features: Hand Woven in India by skilled artisansElegantly crafted with 100% Wool100% original with no backingWhy Choose Hand Woven: Hand Woven rugs are meticulously designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen. Hand Woven rugs are 100% hand crafted and can take hundreds of hours for even the most skilled artisans. This is critical to ensuring the highest care and quality in every inch of every thread composing the rug. Hand-Woven rugs are pieces of art and are ideal for low traffic well lit areas where their quality can be displayed and preserved for years. Specifications: Rug Size Options: 2' 1/2 x 8' (11 lbs) 2' x 3' (6 lbs) 3' 1/2 x 5' 1/2 (12 lbs) 5' x 7' 1/2 (27 lbs) 8' x 10' (53 lbs) 9' x 13' (65 lbs)What Size is Right for you?When choosing a rug, it is important to know that the sizing of the rug can affect the room just as much as the appearance. To minimize errors, we greatly suggest measuring your space for accurate results.:Small (2â x3â to 3â x5â ): These smaller rugs are meant to be great accent pieces for doorways, hearths or smaller conversation areas.