Surya Paramount Area Rugs Style PAR-1038, 6'7" x 9'6"

Embodying the a sense of classic charm that will effortlessly emit a sense of inviting comfort, the flawless rugs found within the Paramount area rug collection by Surya will surely become the center point to your space. With a smooth oriental design that radiates opulence, and a cool color palette that will give any room a feel of refined relaxation, each of these perfect pieces will surely be exquisite within your home decor.Machine MadeEasy Care, No Shedding100% PolypropyleneBacking: No BackingColors: Khaki, Camel, Dark Brown, Medium Gray, Light GrayPantone(TPX): 13-1006,15-1214,16-1310,15-4704,16-4706,19-0809Low PileSwatches Available on RequestRug Pad Recommended