Superior Zero Twist Cotton 2 Piece Bath Sheet Towel Set Jade

Dimensions (ea.): 34 x 68 in.. Includes 2 bath sheets. Made from premium, 100% Zero twist cotton. Choice of available colors. Machine-wash and tumble dry. Zero-twist fibers are naturally strong and plush. Designed to accommodate, the Superior Zero Twist Cotton 2 Piece Bath Sheet Towel Set includes two large bath sheet towels made of zero twist cotton fibers that don't require twisting to give them strength. This two-piece bath-sheet towel set comes in a wide range of colors and is machine-washable.About Home City Inc.Established in the 1980s in Queens, New York selling towels and lower-thread-count sheets, Home City Inc. started in small office and has developed into a worldwide manufacturing and importing company based out of Brooklyn, NY. They were able to establish the name Home City Inc. in 2003 which set the tone for the growth in a company that boasts over 25 years of experience in production. Over the years Home City has developed and perfected unparalleled quality products that now serve domestic and international retail stores. Today, Home City's fulfillment center is located in Linden, NJ with a showroom on Fifth Avenue in New York, NY, allowing them to provide their customers with an expanded selection of sheet sets, duvet cover sets, bed skirts, pillowcase sets, bed-in-bag sets, down comforters, mattress toppers, pillows, quilts, robes, towel sets, and more. Color: Jade.