Sunlite CFW/3LED/3W/WW/S LED Multi-volt 3-watt Candelabra Based Chandelier Lamp, Warm White Color

Sunlite LED household lamps are extremely energy efficient and will help get your monthly energy costs down to their bare minimum. These lamps can last up to thirty times as long as incandescent thereby reducing the hassle of replacements. Sunlite LED lamps contain no mercury elements and do not release any hazardous gasses, so by using these lamps you get to do a little more to protect our environment and no longer need to worry about what to do when a bulb breaks or about lamp recycling as with compact fluorescent lamps. You wont lose out on light output or ambiance either; Sunlite LED bulbs deliver a high lumens-per-watt ratio and produce a bright, crisp light in a variety of colors. This Sunlite multi-volt, 3-watt, chandelier type LED provides a light output of 260 lumens using 3 LEDs. It features a candelabra screw with a silver base and can last up to 40,000 hours. It produces a brilliant warm white light. The Sunlite CFW/3LED/3W/WW/S LED lamp lasts long, reduces energy costs and can fit right into your living room or into the most cutting-edge, state of the art lighting design project.