Sullivans Holly Leaf Onion and Drop Christmas Ornaments, Set of 6 in 2 Styles, 4.5" and 6.5", Red

Onions, finials, orbs - ornaments come in all shapes and sizes, and make for a visual delight on any Christmas display. Everyone enjoys an array of colors and textures intermingled into a holiday tree, but sampling with a variety of shapes and sizes is also key. Taking simplicity up a notch, the classic curves of these pieces have all that and more! Product Weight (per piece): 1.8 oz., 1.3 oz. Sullivans offers over 5,000 SKUs in Everyday, Seasonal, Branded and Exclusive lines of home décor, permanent botanicals and gifts. These products are built on tradition, quality and value, helping customers stay ahead of evolving trends. With a strong reputation for unparalleled quality and customer service, Sullivans is dedicated to designing and delivering the latest, most exciting items available for the home.