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I Love Us spoon

I Love Us - a simple declaration of the importance of being "Us". Whether it means new love, or an established one filled with kids and chaos, being together is what makes every day worthwhile. Begin each morning with this thoughtful reminder - a hand stamped spoon for their coffee, tea, or morning sweets Each spoon will be unique as each is a vintage item, polished and stamped by hand. No two are alike and none will ever be "perfect" as each is a bit of artistic endeavor. I work with vintage silver and the handle styles vary. The pieces will not look new, they will look loved. Each is in very good condition, freshly cleaned and polished but will show a little bit of wear from the years that they have aged. All are beautiful :) The teaspoon measures approx 6 inches. As it is genuine antique silverware, it should be hand washed.