String Light Company

String Light Company Savannah 50-Ft Globe String Lights with 50 Sockets and 50 Clear G50 Bulbs, 18 Gauge Black Cord

Anytime of the year, you can set the mood in classic style with the warm Golden glow of our outdoor-safe C9 globe lights; one of our most economical solutions! these string lights make decorating a cinch. Globe party lights are ideal for decorating parties, weddings and Tent events. The shape of the globe Bulb is unique, in that it is almost a perfect globe instead of the traditional pear-shaped party light bulbs. They're good for indoor or outdoor use, since they're weather-resistant year round. But most importantly, they create perfect ambience and a wonderful Golden glow. String them up in your patio or garden and you'll linger outdoors all summer long. This 50-foot long black string light set includes 50 light sockets with clear bulbs. Additional strands can be added. String Light Company is part of Tiao Inc. (Table in a bag). our mission is to provide high quality products to consumers around the world. We strive every day to achieve this goal with our work ethic, quality selection of materials, competitive prices and friendly service. We owe much of our success to three important members of the tab Inc. Team: our associates, our Partners and our customers.