Sterilite Ultra Square Laundry Basket with Titanium Inserts (12-Pack), White

If you're looking for the perfect transport for your laundry, look no further than this Ultra Square Laundry Basket from Sterilite. This laundry basket's versatile square design occupies less floor space and is perfect for holding and transporting clothes from room to room as you wash, dry, fold, and sort. The basket offers durable construction and 4 comfortable handles wit ha grip that makes it easy to carry from any angle, making transporting clothes to the laundry room easy. The smooth plastic interior of this square clothes basket is snag-proof and easy to clean. Even better, the interior offers a reinforced rim that holds up under regular day-to-day use. The hole pattern featured on this laundry basket promotes airflow and provides ventilation for the clothes inside while eliminating excessive odors. This prevents your clothes from getting musty or mildewed. Go ahead and use this Sterilite Ultra Square Laundry Basket for sorting your household's clothing, towels, or sheets, and for transporting laundry between rooms. Color: White.