Oprah quote The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams flour sack kitchen towel

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams. This Oprah quote is a great reminder to be brave and proactive in your life. Remind yourself to live your biggest adventure! This functional decor piece is not only an excellent addition to your home but it also makes a great gift for your friend who is a big Oprah fan. The design is on the bottom right corner of the towel making it both decorative and practical. The flour sack towel is very absorbent and functional. This towel is made using water based, black non-toxic fabric paint and a white cotton towel. First, the towel is washed, dried, and then stencil design is applied. After drying for a few hours it is ready to be shipped and used. Towel is 100% cotton, 28" x 28" (71 cm x 71 cm) square. Lint free. Great functional piece to add interest to your kitchen. The size of the stencil images is about 8" x 6" (20,3 cm x 15 cm). If you prefer a different color for the stencil, please contact me for available colors. Please bear in mind that stenciling is not screen printing and there might be variations in the saturation of ink or sharpness of the image. Please allow for these variations between items in your order.