Starlite Originals

Prairie Storm Horse Sculpture

Starlite Originals' elegant "Prairie Storm" Horse Sculpture by award-winning wildlife artist Kitty Cantrell exudes a sense of strength and independence that will enthrall any nature lover. Its breathtaking vision of a herd of wild horses thundering across the wild plain is handcrafted in fine metals and mixed media, then finished using a unique "hot patina" to produce its rich, lifelike colors before being encased in hand-carved Lucite of the finest quality and clarity. This stunning evocation of natural beauty makes a wonderful gift. Weight: Approximately 15 lbs. Proudly made in the USA. About Starlite StudiosStarlite Originals Sculptures celebrate an innovative and gorgeous balance of classic Old World artistic traditions and modern perspectives, methods, materials and styles. This artwork represents the individual visions of the gifted artists that design and sculpt for Starlite Originals Studios, as well as the company's commitment to showcasing new and provocative looks and styles. Starlite Orginals artists pay tribute to the beauty of nature's own design as their images, ideas and sculptures capture the breed, the species and the spirit with perfection. Easily recognizable by their characteristic compositions, Starlite Originals Sculptures are crafted from a combination of metal, wood, and porcelain encased in clear Lucite, as well as classic bronze, pewter, resin, and a unique material called Porcelon. Porcelon is an emerging artistic medium that blends porcelain and resin to produce strikingly detailed yet sturdy sculptural pieces. The advantages to working with Porcelon are many: this new material has the traditional appearance of fine porcelain, the ornate detail of plasticine, and the strength and durability of resin. Originally formed in California in 1972 as a family-owned fine art print and publishing company, Starlite Originals has grown to embrace its role as a foundry for innovative emerging artists working in a range of materials. Starlite artists are renowned for their forward-thinking, modern techniques and unique combinations of different media to produce cohesive, nature-inspired art objects. One of the company's most popular distinguishing styles, many Starlite Originals pieces are sculpted in resin and then encased in crystal-clear, hand-carved Lucite. The creative process at Starlite Originals begins with each artist carefully carving their vision in soft sculptural clay called plasticine. After the first carving, a team of master mold makers craft first-generation models using the traditional "lost-wax" casting method. Artists at SO often use a variety of metals in each sculpture, including hand-tooled finishing elements like Lucite, wood, brass, fine pewter, copper, and 24k gold vermeil. The vibrant colors in each sculpture are a result of a patina technique using heat, various chemicals, and acid to permanently oxidize the colors to the metal sculpture. read more