Staples Permanent Glue Sticks, .28 oz., 4/Pack (10446)

Use these washable glue sticks for endless projects. Loaded into an easy-to-apply stick, this glue is purple when wet for accuracy but dries invisibly clear. This multipurpose glue washes out with water even after it's dry, so there's no need to worry ab.Glue stick provides permanent bonding once dry.Permanent glue stick offer a simple method for creating a permanent hold.Capacity: 0.28 oz..Goes on purple color and dries clear.Featuring a non-toxic nature.Sold in a pack of four.Acid-free formula is safe for use.Washable glue for use on porous and semi-porous surfaces.Attach items to creative projects with this 4-pack of Staples purple washable glue sticks.