Stanton Trading

Beverage Drinking Glass 12 oz by the Dozen

Stanton Trading Glassware is elegant and durable which translates to being able to be used anywhere for any beverage. This 12 ounce classic paneled beverage glass will look great in any home as well as hold up to hi-volume family restaurants, catering facilities, and bars. These glasses are designed to have a steady grip that makes for easy holding. It will sit perfectly balanced on tabletops, trays and counters. Crystal clear glass will show the true colors of any beverage. They are dishwasher safe and make a great gift and packed by the dozen. Stanton Trading brand of restaurant and kitchen supplies has been recognized as an industry standard brand for over 60 years. Water, soda, ice tea and beer always tastes better in a Stanton Trading glass. The glass is 4.8 inches tall and 3.27 inches in diameter at its' widest point. The diameter of the base is 2.4 inches.