Spectrum Diversified

Spectrum Flower Flat Napkin Holder Steel - Chrome

Inspired by beautiful spring leaves, the Flower Flat Napkin Holder from Spectrum Diversified adds a great centerpiece to your kitchen or dining room table. Flat napkin holder makes it easy to grab a napkin when you need to wipe your face, protect your lap from dropped food, or soak up a spill. Place on the dining table, kitchen countertop, picnic blanket, or breakfast nook. The clever design features a weighted steel arm that keeps your napkins neatly in place and also makes this item perfect for picnics and buffets. The raised base keeps napkins dry and off the table. Durable construction ensures the napkin dispenser will last. The thick-gauge steel wire does not bend easily, and the smooth welds will not puncture or tear paper napkins. Metal construction is heavy-duty and durable. The hefty napkin holder holds its own in windy outdoor conditions. Sturdy steel does not tip or shift, and the weighted arm keeps your napkins in place. Arm smoothly slides upward for you to remove a napkin or refill the stock. While created to serve an ergonomic function in your home, designers kept style in mind so this functional addition will add some fashion to your home, too. The stylish design looks great in any room, adding a fashionable, functional item to your home. Inspired by flowers in spring, this design creates a charming atmosphere in your kitchen. The simple yet sophisticated arched design adds dainty, elegant style that accents any kitchen space with organizational excellence. The simple floral design will look as stylish on your kitchen table as it would in an upscale restaurant. Made of sturdy steel. Gender: unisex.